Paola Longoria
Residence Monterrey, MEX (Representing Tijuana, MEX)
Date of Birth 07/20/1989
Birth Place San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Height 5'5"
Sponsors Head, Value, Marti, UANL, SportCity, Oakley, Conade, INDEBC, Obodyspa
Nicknames Paolita, La Princesa, Peke
Coach My coach is Fran Davis and my personal Trainer Efrain Lara and my sport Psychologist Magaly Zeron
Website Coming soon. Follow me on twitter @paolongoria and facebook/ Paola Longoria

More player info...

Family: Yea , Love my family , I have a great relationship with all of them and they travel with me for some tournaments! They support me a lot.

I Have a little yorkie dog that is the best, her name is Camila.

Winning Motto: Have Fun and Play hard!! There’s no second chance

Training Habits: My coaches take care of this, but I train cardio, weights, pilates, and work on the court too, I had a lot of variety on my training programs so this make me so happy! They work me hard

How did you get started playing Racquetball?I began playing since I was 8 years , my parents entered me to summer cams and they teach me all different kind of sports but I Have more interest in sports that involve racquets so first I tried tennis but the racquets was so heavy and don’T Like too much the idea in being the whole time in the sun so I probe racquetball and Love it , It’s my passion and my lifestyle!!

Did you have to overcome any kind of adversity to get where you are today? Yes, at first I didn’t have sponsors so my parents supported all of my expenses to make me increase the ranking in the tour and in all the different tournaments I travel with the team or by myself. Change my city of residence to represent another state that support me a lot and I really appreciate their support. You know being an athlete is hard because you can’t spend too much time with family, friends and have a normal day specially for me it’s hard to mix school with sport but I have incredible support from my university and love the way I can handle this with my professors.

The reason(s) you play racquetball – what do you love about it? That I visited places that I never imagine I will be, RACQUETBALL allows me to met new friends from different countries and I love that this sport is very familiar, all families support their kids and travel together! I had the opportunity to receive the most prestigious award that an athlete can receive from my country so that means a lot to me.

Favorite Racquetball Moment(s): One of my favorite moments is when I won my first Us Open when I was 18 years old and became the first Mexican and the youngest player in winning this event. Every title that I ACHIEVE DURING MY CAREER means a lot specially because I train so hard to win those titles. Other of my favorites is winning the WOLRD CHAMPIONSHIP in Dominican Republic. It was the only title that I didn’t have in singles and winning it last August of 2012 means a lot to me

Education: 9 semesters in Engineer Mechanic and Administration.

Other Hobbies/ community involvement: I love to shop, travel, and spend time with my family , boyfriend and friends. Listen to Music and play some tennis.

Favorite Food: Italian Food, Steak and Mexican food

Favorite Music/Artist: I love pop music , Alejandro Fernandez, Reik, Paulina Rubio, camila, but also like david guetta, jLO, Pitbull,

Something that people might not know about you (or might find surprising):I love to be so feminine on the court. I Love to mix all of my outfits and I designed my own line of clothing 2 years ago and design my own racquets so I will love to continue designing my clothes for the future

Other interesting “stories” about you, your background, history, pastimes etc. – what do people find interesting or compelling? These may be stories about yourself that you often tell at parties, for instance…?

I’m a funny girl, love to laugh, enjoy the life and when I’m in a free time of the season or not racquetball tournaments love to travel with family and hangout with my Bf and friends , go to concerts.

Any unusual ‘non-raquetball’ skills/tricks/quirks? I have an strange swing that nobody can explain how I can hit the ball like that , But since I was a child nobody teach me the correct form so I adjust myself to that swing and honestly love it. Could be one of my lucky tricks!!

Do you have a local connection to any of the upcoming tour stops –I have a couple of friends that live in some of the cities we are going to pro stops, so it feels good to have time and hangout with them and in one city lives my boyfriend so perfect to have his total support and his family to go and watch the games too

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