Meet the Team 

Executive Team

T. J. Baumbaugh

Commissioner, President of the Board of Directors

T. J. Baumbaugh is a former professional player whose career evolved from player, to player representative, to the LPRT Executive Team. She continues to play indoor and now outdoor racquetball, while working to help grow the sport. T. J. earned a BS in Kinesiology from Penn State University and is a trainer in McLean, Va.

Dr. Tim Baghurst

Head Commentator and Contributor

Dr. Tim Baghurst is a Professor and Director of FSU COACH at Florida State University. A sports science researcher and author, he also mentors athletes and coaches through his company GOAT Sports Performance.

Jerry J. Josey Jr.

Media and IT Director

Jerry “J.” Josey Jr is an I.T. consultant and forever an entrepreneur. As the president of the South Carolina Racquetball Association he has run over 30 events including the Sweet Carolina Open LPRT Grand Slam. Racquetball and Pickleball are a family affair for J and his passion for growing those sports has evolved from a hobby to a complete lifestyle. He is a proud alumni of the great University of South Carolina.


Aimee Roehler

Social Media Contributor

Aimee is the owner of ABR Communications, a business that specializes in social media. With clients ranging from racquetball, home builders, squash, and flooring, she loves that you always need to stay in the loop of the constant changes in the social media field. Aimee has been playing racquetball for 30+ years, is a current US National Team Member, and has several National and World Doubles titles to her name.

Maria Paz Riquelme

Contributor – Social Media

Maria Paz Riquelme is a professional player and fitness coach from Cali, Colombia.

Maria Renee Rodriguez

Head Official

Maria Renee Rodriguez is a professional racquetball player from Guatemala and the current Player Representative of the International Racquetball Federation. As an IOC Young Leader, she is passionate about promoting sport as a catalyst for social change. She was a silver medalist at the 2019 Pan Am Games in doubles.

JP Edwards

Contributor – Video Editing, Commentary, and Research

JP is currently a senior at Liberty University earning a degree in psychology. In 2021, he will be training at the Prince William County, VA police academy. As a super fan and player specialist, he provides valuable in-depth analysis and insight into the LPRT athletes.

Board of Directors

JD Shelton

Board Member

JD Shelton is an avid racquetball player and retired Air Force veteran. He earned a BS in Management as well as BA and MA degrees in History. He spent time on the USAR Board of Directors and is currently on the USAR Rules Committee. He also serves as a board member on the Commonwealth of Virginia Racquetball Association. JD and his wife Megan, also a racquetball player, live in Virginia with their five children and two dogs, where he collects guitars, shoes, and LEGOs.

Margo D. Scott

Board Member – Treasurer

Margo Scott is a racquetball fanatic! She eats, breathes, and watches all things racquetball. Born and raised in Michigan, she attended Michigan State University. She is a wife, a mother of 4 adult children, and a grandmother of 8 grandchildren. Margo is a Real Estate Broker, and serves as Vice President of the Commonwealth of Virginia Racquetball Association.

Adrienne Hayes

Player Representative

Adrienne Haynes has been playing professional racquetball for 20 years. She was a Junior and Collegiate National Champion. She currently resides in Memphis with her husband and children and works for Hilton.

Cheryl Kirk

Board Member

Cheryl Kirk has a long history in racquetball, having started playing in 1977. After a 27-year career with McDonald's Corporation, she has devoted her time almost exclusively to the sport, serving as president of USA Racquetball (2008-2012) and currently as team leader for the U.S. Adult and Junior Teams and on the boards of USA Racquetball, the International Racquetball Federation, the Pan American Racquetball Confederation, and the Illinois State Racquetball Association. She joined the LPRT Board of Directors in 2018 and enjoys supporting these deserving women in their pursuit of racquetball success.

Cristina Amaya

Player Representative

Cristina is professional athlete from Cali, Colombia who has been playing the pro tour for more than 10 years. She wants to help the tour reach its full potential.

Sandy Rios

Board Member

An avid competitor and supporter of the game Sandy spends most days running a medical billing company, working in the yard and trying to improve her game. As a board member of the LPRT, TXRA and Alamo City Racquetball Association, she actively does anything and everything to promote racquetball and still finds time to keep her boys, Rebel and Shooter, happy and healthy.